Who Am I?

Want basic facts? Want weird facts? Want random facts? Yeah...this is where you will find it.

  • Who Am I?

    Top 10 Random Marissa Facts

    1. I am obsessed with space. I am sure many people are interested in space. But I LOVE it. I drive people around me nuts constantly pointing out constellations, planets, and keeping up with launches and planetary alignments, etc. I keep up with moon phases and any story that deals with aliens. That whole concept fascinates me. I would love to have a conversation with one. In Los Angeles back in 2012, the space shuttle Endeavor went through the streets for us to see. I waited 11 hours to see him as he went by. Later, I went to the Science Center and saw his final home as a museum…

  • Who Am I?

    Top 10 Marissa Facts

    While I am well aware that no one will ever read this, I still like the idea of having a little corner of the internet that is mine. A place to post my thoughts, ideas, memories, stories, and content I enjoy. Different from social media platforms, this one I can set up to reflect who I am. Or maybe this website is just a great place for me to listen to myself talk. Please feel free to use the links above and get ready for some random goodness. After all, random is always the word of the day around here. So who am I? I think it would be better…