Story Time

Below you will find various story time blogs ranging in topics. It is all 100% non-fiction. My grammar leaves much to be desired but at least you can get a visual of the stories I am telling. ::shrug::

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    Blake Edwards…one hell of a driver.

    I believe it was around the year 1999 or 2000, a friend of mine from university, Alan, was planning on moving to LA. He asked me to come along with him for the road trip. I am always down for a road trip so I, of course, said yes. Side note: I later moved to LA but that was in 2002. After an adventure-filled trip, we finally arrived in LA. Alan was going to be rooming with a friend of his, David, I believe was his name. The other roommate was named Amy. Turns out, Amy was Blake Edwards’ and Julie Andrews’ adopted daughter. Amy was welcoming and sweet. For…

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    So…Aliens…Story Time #3

    If you read my intro on the main page, you know that I would rather discuss deep & unusual topics than participate in small talk. Yes, aliens are one of those topics. Now, my mother is a witness to this story and yes, it really happened. And no, I was not abducted. But I did see something I cannot explain. Apparently others did too. I was in my teens and we took a road trip across the country from the Midwest to the West Coast. We were driving through the empty desert in Arizona when this event happened. It was nighttime so I was in the backseat staring out at…

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    Homelessness – Story Time #2

    Homelessness. Not a word I EVER thought would be relevant in my life. Other than giving food or money to the occasional homeless person I would come across. Its hard to comprehend the full affects of it until it happens to you. I grew up in the Midwest without a care in the world. Wonderful childhood aside from a few things here and there but over all, good! Never wanted for anything. Never did drugs, only drank socially in my early 20’s (but who didn’t?), received a college education, etc. Life was good. In 2002, I had the bright idea to move to LA. I lived there for 18 years…

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    Witness to a Murder…Almost… Story Time #1

    A little known fact about me is that being a Detective or FBI agent was actually something that interested me back in the day. However, I know myself well enough to know that while I may have been interested in it, I probably would not have handled it well. I am an empath and feel people’s emotions deeply. I think the job would have eventually gotten to me over time. So I live vicariously through true crime documentaries, books, and movies. However, one April night back in college, a true crime story hit extremely close to home. That is the story of a young 13 year old girl named Tiffany.…