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Top 10 Random Marissa Facts

1. I am obsessed with space. I am sure many people are interested in space. But I LOVE it. I drive people around me nuts constantly pointing out constellations, planets, and keeping up with launches and planetary alignments, etc. I keep up with moon phases and any story that deals with aliens. That whole concept fascinates me. I would love to have a conversation with one.

In Los Angeles back in 2012, the space shuttle Endeavor went through the streets for us to see. I waited 11 hours to see him as he went by. Later, I went to the Science Center and saw his final home as a museum piece.

I now keep up with SpaceX and NASA. They are doing amazing things and I am thrilled I am alive in this day and age to witness these events.

I am frequently watching space stuff on YouTube when I get the chance.

2. Speaking of YouTube, I used to have a children’s entertainment channel that was doing very well. I filmed all sorts of things. Specials for various holidays, unboxings, outings, travel, crafts, cooking, etc. When I started working for myself and my own company, I simply had did not have the time to continue it. It was a one-woman show. I was the camera person, talent, editor, etc. Last I checked, I had almost 19,000 subscribers, 570 videos, and over 9 million views. I miss it, but it was time to move on. I did the show for about 7 years. Apparently, some of the kids still wonder where I am. I have done videos explaining it and posts on social media. I mean, I was getting FAN MAIL. Like real stuff in the mail. It was nuts. So I filmed videos opening the letters and packages and the kids LOVED it.

3. I learned how to do a New York accent just by watching My Cousin Vinny when I was younger.

4. I have only broken one bone in my life and its when I begrudgingly went bowling when I was around 20 years old. I am not a fan of bowling because I always call it the “Butt Sport”. Everyone is looking at your ass when you go up there. Anyway, I was pretty good at it and I got a strike, jumped up in excitement forgetting about the shoes being slippery, and landed on the side of my left foot. Everyone from here to Alaska had to have heard the crack.

5. I will wave at cemeteries as I drive by because I feel bad for all the people who may not get visitors anymore.

6. I almost drown as a child. The woman babysitting me was not paying attention to me while she was on the phone. I went outside with her son that was around my age. He pushed me into the pool. If her older son had not been in the driveway working on his car, I may not be alive today. He heard that splash and came running. Needless to say, my mom had a few…um…choice words for this woman and I never went back. I always wish I knew who that guy was and I would love to thank him.

7. I am 14 years older than my brother. When I found out Mom was having a boy, I thought, “Oh crap, how am I supposed to bond with him?”. Not only is there an age difference but now he’s a boy! We managed to bond over video games. Zelda, Castlevania, and Glover were our favorites at the time.

8. I am surprisingly good at rapping. Not on my own, of course. But put on Eminem or Young MC’s Bust a Move and I am down. I love all types of music except country.

9. Speaking of music, I love movie soundtracks. Those up there are on my list are: The Mask, Forrest Gump, Purple Rain, Romeo + Juliet, The Bodyguard, Hannibal, Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, and Bohemian Rhapsody.

10. I find myself accidentally staying up till 1am watching those 5-Minute Crafts videos. ::facepalm:: Some of them are soooo dumb but occasionally there is a gem in there.

11. I sorta know how to play the electric guitar. I am super rusty. I should get back into it.

12. I have loved Titanic since I was a kid. I remember watching the National Geographic special on TV when Robert Ballard found the wreckage. I was fascinated so I have loved that ship way before the movie came out.

There is more, I am sure, but those are the things that popped into my head first.

Thank you again, whoever you are, for taking the time to listen to a complete stranger ramble.


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