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Love a good ghost story? Well, you are in luck and as a bonus, my stories are real! It is various experiences I have had over the years.

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    Young & Lost: Another QM Adventure #2

    Having a conversation with someone is a blessing we all can appreciate. Someone to listen to us. Someone to understand us. Or hope they will anyway. However, if you are a spirit on the Queen Mary, you may wonder what has happened to you or why you are “ignored” when no one hears you trying to communicate. Or you could be like me and carry around an audio recorder every time you board the ship and be willing to listen. If you read my previous blog about my adventures in the Queen Mary cargo hold, then you will remember how Diane and I would communicate with some of the spirits…

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    Cargo Holds & EVPs: A Queen Mary Adventure #1

    Many years ago, my friend Diane and I would head off to the Queen Mary once a week. This was before I ran my own business & my days off at the costume house were Wednesdays & Thursdays. Diane was in the process of hunting for a new job so we took advantage of the time we had to visit the Queen Mary during the week when it was less busy. Less busy means a better shot at ghost hunting in private with less distractions. Well, Diane and I had been going for months so we became friendly with the security guards and tour guides. This came in handy when…

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    So…Aliens…Story Time #3

    If you read my intro on the main page, you know that I would rather discuss deep & unusual topics than participate in small talk. Yes, aliens are one of those topics. Now, my mother is a witness to this story and yes, it really happened. And no, I was not abducted. But I did see something I cannot explain. Apparently others did too. I was in my teens and we took a road trip across the country from the Midwest to the West Coast. We were driving through the empty desert in Arizona when this event happened. It was nighttime so I was in the backseat staring out at…

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    The Queen Mary: a haunted history lesson

    The Queen Mary is by far my favorite haunt. I would say that 80% of the paranormal experiences I have encountered took place on this glorious ship. I have seen, felt, smelled, heard, and sensed all sorts of activity there. The best EVP I have ever captured also took place aboard. I will need to write several blogs regarding this ship to cover all the information and experiences. Yes, there is that much to tell. So this is blog is #1 of many that will be dedicated to the Queen. Let me attempt to sum up a bit of history about the Queen Mary in one post. It plays an…

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    The Whaley House. Old Town San Diego – Ghost Story #2

    The Whaley House in Old Downtown San Diego is a hot spot of paranormal activity. Regis Philbin had gone to The Whaley House for a story and he even walked away with a paranormal experience which lead him to also claim it is the most haunted house in America. Regis was quoted as saying, “You know a lot of people pooh-pooh it because they can’t see it. But there was something going on in that house.” I would have to agree. After doing my research to learn about the various ghosts and sightings there, I went in the middle of the week, a Wednesday, right when they opened their doors…

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    Where it all began…Ghost Story #1

    I think before I get into more recent stories of my paranormal adventures, I should tell you about where it began. First of all, as a kid, I always loved spooky stories, ghosts, and things of that nature. One time, our church youth group took us to a cemetery, at night, to have scavenger hunts, play hide and seek, etc. It still seems strange to me that you’d take a group of kids to a dark cemetery to play but hey, whatever. I enjoyed myself that night and I believe that is one reason I do not find cemeteries scary. As for the paranormal events taking place…that did not happen…

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    Ghosts…they are just like us!

    So where did my interest in the paranormal start? As a small child, I loved Scooby Doo and Ghostbusters. I adored Halloween and spooky things. But the real interest in the actual paranormal is different. I feel it comes down to two things. One is that I love history and the thought of communicating with history is fascinating. Earthbound spirits are from the past, after all. The other part is due to the fact I lived in a haunted townhouse for a period of time in my early teens. I had many friends that witnessed what I was seeing so I knew it was not just me. If you have…