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Cargo Holds & EVPs: A Queen Mary Adventure #1

Many years ago, my friend Diane and I would head off to the Queen Mary once a week. This was before I ran my own business & my days off at the costume house were Wednesdays & Thursdays. Diane was in the process of hunting for a new job so we took advantage of the time we had to visit the Queen Mary during the week when it was less busy.

Picture by me. The fog was amazing this night.

Less busy means a better shot at ghost hunting in private with less distractions. Well, Diane and I had been going for months so we became friendly with the security guards and tour guides. This came in handy when one day, one of them offered to take us down to the cargo hold. Not just take us there but leave us down there for hours!

We were at the very bottom!

Now, the cargo hold is off-limits to the public. This location was not even on tours due to the dangerous stairwells that take you down there. So let me tell you, that was certainly a special treat. Of course, we took this person up on their offer!

Each week, after having lunch at one of the ship’s restaurants, we would meet up with this person, name withheld for privacy, and they would take us down the cargo hold.

Now let me lay out the scene of this place. The cargo hold we were taken to was at the lowest level of the ship. I mean, we were right down to the keel. Underwater level. I couldn’t think about that too much or I would get creeped out.

Taken with a flash. Otherwise, its pitch black. Photo by me.

See that gray door behind the chairs to the right of the photo? Those big doors could open and then you would see down to the keel.

See that? That is the keel. This is where the ship comes together at the bottom.

If you read my blog on the brief history of the QM, you should remember the story I told about the POWs during WWII being held down there. THAT is the reason this area is haunted. A lot of them died here.

After being dropped off, armed with flashlights since it was pitch black, we would take 2 chairs, go down this little area to the very end, and turn left. That way, we could hide behind the wall there just in case anyone showed up. Plus it was very quiet and a great place so we could have our backs against a wall. We would get comfortable and pull out our audio recorders and K2 meters.

A K2 meter is a meter that picks up on electromagnetic energy. So the spirits can use their energy to make the lights move in response to questions.

At first we had a hard time getting the spirits to communicate. I mean, think about it…they had been POWs of American soldiers and here we are trying to communicate with them. I wouldn’t have wanted to say anything either! Over time, I think they got comfortable with us.

I think the K2 device scared them at first because they may have thought it was a bomb with all the lights flashing. Diane and I each had one and we would set them up about 6 feet apart. One time, a spirit seemed to be running back and forth between the devices. The energy and lights on the K2s were very frantic. I told the spirit that they were not bombs, the energy calmed down, and the lights slowed as well.

Now, the only thing that could have been setting them off was a spirit. Cell phones do not work down there and there is no electricity in the area we were in.

Now the for the creepiest part…The EVPs (electronic voice phenomena)

There is a German solider down there who loves to call people a “fool” in German. “Dummkopf”, he would say. He has a very deep, creepy voice.

At the 7 second mark. “Dummkopf”
My personal EVP. Not to be used without permission.

In the above EVP, you will hear us having a conversation about a spike on the meter, meaning a spirit set it off, and then you will hear one of us say “Yeah”, and right after that, in 2 symbols, you will hear “Dummkopf”. You may need to turn up your device to hear it clearly. Note that there were no men there with us and this is an area of the ship where the public would not be nearby. This voice was not heard out loud at the time. It was only on playback that we caught it.

In the next EVP, you will hear me ask Diane, “Do you need your water while we do this?” Side note: Diane had a cough at the time and that is why I asked her that.
Diane then says, “Um. Yeah, let me get my water.”
I say, “Okay”.
Then she takes a deep breath.
I say, “Now, the devices that we have will not hurt you okay?”
The lights started flashing like crazy so you will hear me say “Shhhh…” in an attempt to calm them.
After that, my camera beeps cause I was getting ready to take a picture.
About one second after the beep, faintly in the background you will hear a spirit whisper, “Enough.”

At the 13 second mark, you will hear a man whisper, “Enough”.
It was only Diane and me at the time.

My personal EVP. Not to be used without permission.

The following EVP is not nearly as impressive but it was strange. You will hear me and Diane having a conversation and a DOG barks in the background. I am wondering if there is an animal spirit here since this was the cargo hold around where pets may have been kept for passengers.

At the 8 second mark, you will hear the dog.
My personal EVP. Not to be used without permission.

Soon after, a new management company took over the ship and they made a lot of changes below decks so we were no longer able to go down to the cargo hold. However, due to this new development, we captured our best EVP to date. Extremely clear and loud. Stay tuned…that will be for another storytime. ::wink::

Friendly reminder: Don’t be a “Dummkopf”, people.


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