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Young & Lost: Another QM Adventure #2

Having a conversation with someone is a blessing we all can appreciate. Someone to listen to us. Someone to understand us. Or hope they will anyway.

However, if you are a spirit on the Queen Mary, you may wonder what has happened to you or why you are “ignored” when no one hears you trying to communicate. Or you could be like me and carry around an audio recorder every time you board the ship and be willing to listen.

If you read my previous blog about my adventures in the Queen Mary cargo hold, then you will remember how Diane and I would communicate with some of the spirits who seemed to get to know us after a while. You may also remember how I told you new management took over and we could no longer get down there to investigate. This also meant that I felt the need to say goodbye and explain.

Our friend who was a tour guide took us below decks to an area which I believe used to be the 3rd class rooms until the area was gutted once the ship was placed in Long Beach.

Room right before you get to the area that leads down to the stairs for the cargo hold. Empty room.

They had put up a chain-link fence to keep people out of the area that we would walk through to get down to the cargo hold. So I told our friend that we wanted to get as close as we could to the cargo hold area so maybe we could say goodbye. Some of the spirits came to trust us and I felt bad just “abandoning” them.

Once down there, we walked up to the fence and said our goodbyes. You would think that spirits could go wherever they wanted on the ship. However, I am not sure how true that is. We had tried to communicate with them elsewhere aboard the ship. We never received an EVP or sign that they were with us.

After our goodbyes, we stayed around that area talking with our tour guide buddy. I am so glad we hung around because we captured the best EVP I have ever heard.

We were having a conversation about the fact that in the haunted first-class pool area, they were dismantling part of the original railings that used to have green jade on them. I saw a piece laying in a pile of trash so I took it since they were going to throw it away anyway. Yeah, that’s just how I roll. I also scooped up some grass when I went to Graceland once. I’m weird, remember? I digress.

See the green part? This is what I was referring to when I was telling him about what I took out of the pool area .
He loved the idea that I took it.

After you hear the tour guide that was with us say, “That is awesome.” You will hear Diane say, “Yeah”.

Right after that, at the :10 second mark, you will hear a boy’s voice with a British accent that says, “They can’t see us.”

Please do not use this audio without written permission. ©

There were only 3 of us in the area. No one else was around. This is also an area off-limits to the general public and hard to get to if you do not know what you are looking for. Not to mention it was an empty room, as you can see in the picture above. So there is nowhere to “hide”. Notice how none of us reacted to it or responded.

It was not until I was back home and put the audio onto my computer that we heard it.

I often wonder who this child was, why they were there, and if they had passed away onboard the ship. Maybe it was a child of one of the war brides or just a regular passenger. Either way, I hope to make my way back down there one day to try to communicate with him again.

One thing is for sure, he knows how to use his energy to communicate. I hope he is able to move along one day. A child should never be stuck in that position.


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