Dream #1 A Recurring Place…Not Dream.

Row, row, row your boat…Life is but a dream.

So when I say this is the dream category of my website, I literally mean the sleeping kind.

My first post here is going to be dedicated to a very specific cemetery. Yes, you read that correctly. Now I have to find a way to explain this…

Just so you know, I am someone who remembers my dreams 90% of the time. I can even remember certain dreams from years ago. That is an important detail of this story. My dreams are always in color and extremely detailed. More often than not, they are also crazy weird, and hard to explain. I do not know if I am Astral Projecting because I have never been known to do that, but I have had dreams so specific that it’s like its an actual place.

So this mystery cemetery…the latest encounter with it was about a month ago. I have only dreamed about this specific place twice. Now, why this is weird is because during this particular dream, I REMEMBERED being there before in a different dream. This is the same cemetery I dreamed about over a year ago.

So in the dream, I remembered the previous dream and this location. I told my friend in the dream, “Hey, I have been here once before.” I hope that makes sense.

I have been scouring the internet looking for pictures that would resemble the cemetery. In my dream, its always at night or right at dusk, it has lots of very old trees, dark green grass, and its a very steep hill full of old, unique tombstones. The pictures below are as close as I could find to what it looks like. Especially the first one. It just needs dark green grass instead of orange leaves and a bit more tree cover and it could be it. However, the tombstones are slightly bigger and closer together in my dream.

Not sure what any of this means. Dream interpretation would not necessarily explain how I ended up in this exact same cemetery.

I am hoping if I ever return to this cemetery in my dreams, I can eventually find a clue such as a sign that tells me the name of this place or something. I’ll let you know if I figure it out.

Sweet Dreams.


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