A Pen Pal Sounds Delightful…

Currently, we are all dealing with COVID-19.

My goodness, how crazy the world has become! 2020 gets 1 star from me. Do not recommend!

However, it got me to thinking. Pen Pals used to be a thing. I thought since we are mostly stuck at home, why not look into this? Writing to strangers can be fun too since you literally know nothing about them so every letter would be a new onion peel of the person you are conversing with.

The art of pen pals is lost. We are all so into email, websites, social media, and our own lives that no one reaches out to others via old school letters anymore. I think it would be fun! I need to see what pen pal stuff is out there.

I saw a post online about a nursing home, Victorian Senior Care, in North Carolina. They held up boards telling a little about themselves and asked for people to write them. They are unable to receive their loved ones as visitors due to COVID so the wonderful staff came up with this idea for them. I mean, look how happy they look! Warms my heart.

I plan on picking someone I feel I may have something to talk about with.

So who is with me? Let’s bring this lost form of communication back!


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